Who's in charge: Jeff Grant and Jane Kupersmith

What we do: We're a destination for fresh, in-house roasted coffee, served simply and with care. Located at Dodds and Morton (free parking on the street and in back), our fully accessible shop houses our entire operation, from roaster to brand new Marzocco.

In business since: October, 2014

Our favorite part about doing business in Bloomington: We are grateful for the relentless creativity and generosity of our business cohort in Btown. Whether collaborating with our food service peers, business neighbors, the City, the ISBDC, or other professional groups like LFB or BIRA, Bloomington is a fun and supportive place to be in business, and we are happy to count ourselves among these ranks.

What we're most proud of in the past yearWe are extremely proud of our expansion this year with Rusty Peterson Construction—they nailed it! The new space doubles our indoor seating, and is beautiful and functional on both sides of the bar. We now have the ability to accommodate more visitors, and make them feel more comfortable while they're here. 

What you should know about us: We would love for more people to know about our business-to-business offerings: we sell wholesale coffee for offices in 5-lb bags, hot coffee boxes, and beverage service for gatherings of 100 and more. Email us at hopscotchcoffeemail@gmail.com for details!

Why we are a Sustaining Member of Local First Bloomington: We understand the importance of community as it relates to small, local businesses. LFB means community for us, and it gives us the leverage and visibility that is so important in a small and competitive market. 



1213 E. Seventh St.,
Bloomington, IN 47405





On Twitter: @IUcinema

On Instagram: @iucinema


Who's in charge: Jon Vickers, Founding Director; Brittany D. Friesner, Associate Director

What we do: IU Cinema is a world-class venue with arthouse repertory and guest filmmaker programming committed to providing educational, entertaining, and enriching cinematic experiences to the Bloomington campus and community.

In business since: 2011

Our favorite part about doing business in Bloomington: Our community has such an incredible wealth of artistic riches, both on campus and off campus. Bloomington inspires our programming as much as we hope our programming inspires Bloomington. And we could not ask for more receptive and appreciative audiences.

What we're most proud of in the past yearSince opening in 2011, IU Cinema has been the privileged and honored host to more than 200 visiting filmmakers from across the globe and to screen nearly 1,000 films. In 2015, we are excited to be capping off our fifth full year of programming, and looking forward to many more years of bringing the best in art house cinema to Bloomington.

What you should know about us: Most people do not realize that more than half of our screenings are free and many are less than $5. And all of our screenings are open to students and non-students alike! IU Cinema screens everything from classic films to new art house releases to silent films with live music. We truly program something with every possible audience in mind.

Why we are a Sustaining Member of Local First Bloomington: Although we are situated on the IU campus, IU Cinema is certainly as much of a resource for the Bloomington community as it is for university students, faculty, and staff. We are thrilled to be part of such a warm, engaging, and artistically rich community and want to do the most we can to support Bloomington remaining a wonderful place to live and work.


4001 E 3rd St #8
Bloomington, IN 47401







Owners: Jody Brinegar, OD

What we do: We are an Optometrist and Locally Owned Optical Shop.

In business since: 1997

Our favorite part about doing business in Bloomington: As lifelong residents, we are able to give advice about the area to those patients who are new to Bloomington. We are also honored to care for families we have known for years. We feel it is important to establish a lifelong relationship with our patients, in order to give them the best care possible.

What we're most proud of in the past year: Dr. Brinegar celebrated his 20th year practicing optometry in 2014.

What you should know about us: As a small, locally owned business, we feel we provide a higher level of service. We take extra time to know our patient's needs, and we plan to service our community for years to come.

Why we are a member of Local First Bloomington: We believe in order to compete in the marketplace, it is important for small, local businesses to stand together. Local First Bloomington promotes awareness to the community and gives our local businesses a place to come together in solidarity.


879 S. College Mall Rd.
(inside The Olive Leaf)
Bloomington, IN 47401





Owners: Linda Armes, Gretchen Handlos, Lisa Hornibrook

What we do: We make fresh, handmade, unique chocolate truffles with exceptional ingredients and extraordinary flavors. We finish each truffle in true artisan style, with hand decorating.

In business since: 2011

Our favorite part about doing business in Bloomington: Bloomington is an eclectic, foody town and we have gotten a great reception for our unique flavors and our use of local ingredients. People here are very supportive of local business and go out of their way to encourage you and spread the word about your products.

What we're most proud of in the past year: Opening our retail shop (versus only being wholesale for the last 3 years) in conjunction with another local business, The Olive Leaf. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response by our customers at having a place to come and choose their own flavors and boxes! And having a home of our own to settle into has been wonderful as well.

What you should know about us: That we are a locally made, very unique, artisan business. Oftentimes, people love our chocolates, but are completely shocked to learn that they are made right here in Bloomington.

The chocolate shells are being prepared and will soon contain delicious fillings!

The chocolate shells are being prepared and will soon contain delicious fillings!

Why we are a member of Local First Bloomington: To receive support from and give support to other local businesses as we all seek to grow our businesses together.