Local First Bloomington is a non-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting locally owned, independent business. Our group educates the public, facilitates collaboration and engages in outreach in order to create a more economically and environmentally sustainable local community, while preserving its unique local character.

Local First Bloomington has been a support network and cheerleader for local businesses since 2009. Bloomington is a vibrant community with a local character appreciated by long-time residents, students and visitors. Local business is at the center of that character. 

Our members benefit from collaborative marketing, free networking and educational events every quarter, membership decals and other freebies, and an immediate connection to an active community of like-minded people.



Una Winterman founded Local First Indiana (later renamed Local First Bloomington) in 2009 to make Bloomington a stronger community, and to make an already great place to live an even better one for her fellow citizens, her family, and the future of the city. 

Una has primarily lived and worked in Bloomington since she came here to study journalism at Indiana University in 1991.  She is the mother of two, a published poet and photographer, and a performing songwriter and musician.  She is a leader in area school initiatives and has been active in the local art and music scene for several years.  Her experience in these areas and her genuine love for life in Bloomington have instilled in her a deeper understanding of what community means and how it works, as well as a heightened sense of awareness and concern for the well-being of her community.  

Una Winterman